Mourinho looking at Fabregas for Captaincy

In the latest Premier League match of Chelsea, they faced off with Manchester United and a late goal from Robin van Persie forced both clubs having to settle with 1 point as the final scoreboard of the match displayed 1-1.
Even with this draw, Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea are still at the top of the Premier League and still remain being the favorites on winning the league title of this season. The sublime start of the season of Chelsea is being credited to a number of things but one of the biggest factors that have made an impact in the early success of Chelsea is the arrival of Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas.
Both Spanish players were signed during the previous transfer window and have had a huge impact at Stamford Bridge.
The Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas has not even been a player of Chelsea for 1 season but Jose Mourinho has already launched a hint concerning Fabregas and the possibility of him turning into the next captain of Chelsea.
“Fabregas is a better guy than I thought. He’s a fantastic guy, he’s a fantastic professional. Now I understand why at the age of 19 or 20 or 21 he was Arsenal captain. When I am the manager at Chelsea the armband will go to another arm that has been in this club for many many years. But one thing is the leader’s brain needs to be connected with the manager, and his brain is connected to mine during matches.” Jose Mourinho told reporters.

It seems like the possibility of Cesc Fabregas turning into the next captain of Chelsea are high as Jose Mourinho supports and praised the work that the Spanish midfielder has been doing since arriving to Stamford Bridge.

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