PetrCech’s extensive career with Chelsea has reached it’s end as Arsenal signed him

PetrCech has been a player of Chelsea since 2004 and his time with the English club is over after it was confirmed that Arsenal signed the experienced goal-keeper for a transfer fee believed to be in the region of €11 million.

The Czech shot-stopper had to make a decision concerning his future and it seems like Arsenal will be his next football destination as Arsene Wenger is eager to have the veteran player in his team.

PSG was another one of the clubs that had shown a lot of interest in signing PetrCech but since the 33 year old player didn’t want to leave London as his kids and wife have already settled into the lift of England and making a move to another country would bring forward a lot of consequences that PetrCech neither his family wanted to face.
Cech will be earning around €100,000 per week in his new club Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger wanted to add a player who has experience playing at the big stage and winning huge titles, this is what PetrCech brings to the table as he has lifted he Premier League on 4 occasions and also the Champions League back in the season of 2011-12.

However, even with all the experience and everything that PetrCech can add into a team, Jose Mourinho had to sell Cech in order for ThibautCourtois to become the undeniable number 1 shot-stopper of Chelsea as the Belgium youngster has truthfully deserved it.

The captain of Chelsea, John Terry made a recent announcement to the public where he said that nobody wants to see PetrCech leave Stamford Bridge after everything he has accomplished with Chelsea in a playing career which spans 11 years but it’s something that had to be done.

By making a move to Arsenal, Cech can continue playing consistently in the Premier League at a high level and still has a realistic chance of winning even more major pieces of silverware which is what he wants to do.

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