Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga is known to be the most expensive in the world. Kepa’s recent refusal to be substituted in the final against Machester City proved to be quite detrimental for the goalkeeper. By going against its own coach and manager Maurizio Sarri, Kepa has ended up causing trouble for himself. Following his actions, Arrizabalaga has ended up being highly fined. His actions have also made Chelsea fans think not very positively about him.  Kepa’s apology has not done to overturn the damage caused to Maurizio’s reputation when Kepa very blatantly refused to abide by the authority of his coach. Kepa still stands firm that his actions were a huge mistake caused due to a big misunderstanding in the final match.

Sarri on the other hand wants Chelsea fans to let go of what has happened and not turn against its players at a crucial moment in the Champions League. Sarri said that he knows the emotions all the fans would be feeling but keeping in mind Tottenham’s game scheduled on 27th February 2019.

Having 6th position in the league, the match against Spurs is important as Chelsea’s win will make the club’s position get better than what it already is. The victory is also important because it will prove beneficial for Maurizio’s standing as a coach to Chelsea. Even though the manager has stood firm on the fact that there are no hard feelings with Kepa post conflict in the final of the Cup. He says that the club is in a very tough situation at the moment and all it needs is for its fan’s support as turning against any player in the club will not do any good. Sarri emphasised that it is the club that needs the support of its fan, and not himself.

However, Maurizio did not divulge into the details if Arrizabalaga will playing against Tottenham or not. It seems like we will know of Kepa’s fate on the game night itself.

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