Costa to leave Chelsea

Chelsea striker Diego Costa has revealed that his manager Antonio Conte does not want him at the club for next season.

The player said that he had received a text message from his manager to tell him that he does not form part of his plan for the next Premier League season.

Diego Costa said that he is currently looking for another club and that he is disappointed with the way things have gone. He said that he still considers himself a Chelsea player and that it was a difficult thing to receive such a message from his manager.

Antonio Conte has so far declined to make any comments on this issue, and he has attracted critics from various pundits for sacking a player by SMS.

There is news that the Chelsea striker might be moving to China next season. He said that he would have loved to stay in the Premier League, but it is unfortunate that his manager does not consider him as part of his plan.

There are other European clubs that might be interested in signing a player of his quality, but they might be discouraged by the salary of the Spanish international.

Costa said that he has two years left on his contract with the Premier League side and that they must tell him what their plans are. He said that he wants to remain with the club, but if the club does not want him, he will have to look for another one.

He said that he is leaving the decision to the Chelsea board and that they will need to decide what they will do with him.

Diego Costa said that he wants to respect his contract and play with the Premier League champion, but it will all depend on the manager’s decision.

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